This Dodge Charger Hellcat Is A Devilish 575HP Dream Car

Thanks to the rapid progression of technology, it’s never been easier for digital artists and automotive fanatics to envision their dream cars, albeit primarily in concept form. And while there are plenty of fantastical hypercars from the future we’ll happily pine over, there’s something to be said for reimagining noteworthy autos from the past. That’s exactly what Amibelec Design has done — in spectacular fashion — with this 1969 Dodge Charger Hellcat.

Dodge’s high-powered Hellcat trim — which has been applied to both their Challenger and Charger cars — has only been an option since 2015. This imaginary build, however, shows us just what could have been if Dodge had been clever enough to introduce it back at the height of the pony car craze. And while the looks of the “first supercharged production car” are spot-on, the fact that there are theoretical specs — like a top speed of 150mph and a 575hp 426 CID HEMI engine under the hood — makes it all the more drool-worthy. We can only hope someone takes inspiration from this concept and builds it in real life.

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