Cruise Into The Sunset In This Immaculate Lamborghini Miura

Words can’t describe the ripple caused by Lamborghini’s original Miura — its history, its influence, and its beauty have helped to solidify it as one of the most iconic automotive platforms ever conceived. It’s difficult to define just what it is about the classic that makes it so appealing, but this immaculate 1968 P400 certainly puts the vehicle’s best foot forward.

The P400 is lauded as the purest iteration of Lamborghini’s powerful sports car, boasting a revolutionary coachwork design, elaborate curvature, and technical prowess that was then ahead of its time. This example, chassis number 3420, elevates the vehicle’s deep-rooted lineage as one of the only variants to retain its original 1802 engine. After leaving the production line in 1968, it would make its way to Germany, where it received a complimentary chassis plate for identification before making the trek to Japan in the late 80s. Here, it would undergo a minimalist restoration by the country’s talented journeyman, before being sold to the established Matsuda collection in Tokyo. Eventually, the Miura would make its way stateside, falling under the ownership of a wealthy California-based entrepreneur. It would win first in class at the 1997 Concorso Italiano at the Pebble Beach Concours, before moving back to France with its owner. Showing only 19,832-kilometers on the odometer and over 45 original invoices from the last 25 years, this impeccably-kept example is as well-traveled as you’d expect — and now, it’s looking for a new owner courtesy of Auxietre & Schmidt.

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