1968 Honda S800 Racing MKII

Honda wasn’t always a well-known name in the automotive industry, and with a history based predominantly in motorcycle production, their early attempts at manufacturing racing vehicles were shots in the dark. However, the 70 bhp S800 — one of their first roadster models from 1965 — was destined to put them on the map.

After seeing great success with the original S800, Honda turned its gaze toward performance — releasing this ultra-limited S800 Racing variant in 1967. This race-ready version of the roadster features a 90 bhp motor coupled with a shaft drive and a live rear axle to withstand additional power to the wheels. It also utilizes a five-speed synchromesh dogleg gearbox with a limited slip differential. Alongside magnesium wheels, twin roll hoops, a gorgeous interior, and upgraded racing harnesses, this roadster was in a league of its own. Sadly, there were only two of these performance models ever made. This immaculate original is up for auction now, with bids starting at an estimated $98,000.

Purchase: $98,000+