CFB’s Blacked-Out 1968 Ford Bronco Is A 435HP Masterpiece

The Ford Bronco is one of the world’s most sought-after SUVs; as such, it comes as no surprise that aftermarket restoration companies, tuners, and resellers have emerged en masse, satiating would-be buyers with the promise of revitalized platforms. Amongst these companies, Ohio’s Classic Ford Broncos have proven time and again that a passionate, simplistic approach can usurp even the most exaggerated builds. Now, they’re reinforcing their claim to the customizer’s throne with the 1968 Vail.

The company’s 1968 CFB Vail Bronco is a beautifully-realized rendition of the classic, and even boasts one of Henry Ford’s most preferable colorways. A Midnight Onyx Black exterior complements the vehicle’s Black Basketweave interior, which has been outfitted with custom CFB seating, a specialized, Bluetooth-compatible entertainment system, and leather all around. Underneath the Bronco’s hood, you’ll find an illustrious Ford Racing 5-liter Coyote V8, capable of producing around 435 horsepower, a four-speed automatic transmission, and aftermarket Borgeson steering components. Aesthetically, the SUV is equally as pronounced, exhibiting 33-inch BFG Mud Terrain tires, a 2.5-inch lift, and scarlet-red emblems that stand out against the vehicle’s shadowy silhouette.

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