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Alfa Romeo’s GTA 1300 Junior Stradale Is A Legendary Italian Sports Car

Europe’s infatuation with the Touring car has become synonymous with its heritage-imbued automotive culture, and since the middle of the 20th Century, the popularity of small, race-ready platforms has only become more eminent. Among the league’s legendary platforms, the Alfa Romeo GTA 1300 Junior Stradale stands as one of the most important, helping the Italian company to end the reign of Mini Cooper, and celebrate a half-decade of dominance within the European Touring circuit.

The vehicle you see here is once such variant, boasting a beautifully-crafted exterior, interior, and periphery. After Alfa Romeo’s original GTA made waves within the racing world in 1966, the popularity of the vehicle grew at an astounding rate, leading to its revision in 1968. This resulted in the creation of the GTA 1300 Junior Stradale — a 1,300cc class car that would bring about the end of Mini Cooper’s dominance in the arena. Each variant was equipped with a capable short-stroke 1290cc version of the Giulia’s 1570cc inline-four engine, which regularly achieved an output of 150-horsepower thanks to its high-revving, twin-plug head. After passing through the hands of numerous owners, this 1968 variant was treated to an unparalleled restoration by marque specialists in 2015 and supplied with a handful of all-original parts like 45DCOE Weber carburetors, bumpers, and intakes. To inquire, head over to Auxietre & Schmidt’s website, where the vehicle can be seen in all its resounding glory.

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