1967 Volkswagen ‘Back To The Future’ Bus

Tribute and replica cars are a difficult thing to manage, even if you’ve got the right starter vehicle. They’re much harder if your starting point isn’t even in the same category as the original. But sometimes, with enough care and craftsmanship, they can be done with panache and flair. Such is the case with this Back to the Future-inspired 1967 Volkswagen Gullwing Bus that’s up for sale.

Sure, this isn’t anything like a DeLorean DMC-12 in shape, size, performance, or really in any way other than the fact that they both have 4 wheels. But, thanks to a gray paint scheme, slick gullwing driver and passenger doors, and the addition of a flux capacitor, this bad boy has us wondering if Doc Brown’s time machine should have been a VW Bus all along. Movie memorabilia aside, this van is beautifully restored, with a reupholstered and reworked interior, immaculate engine, and a sweet roof rack that can store all your adventure gear whether you’re just headed out on a road trip or going somewhere you don’t need roads. Buy it now for $89,995.

Purchase: $89,995