1967 Ford Mustang Hot Rod

Well, this is certainly destined to draw some attention. It looks like hot rod enthusiast Kyle Scaife committed a car splice and LS swap that some would consider sacrilegious. We, on the other hand, can’t seem to take our eyes of this unique freak-show of a rat rod.

Basically, Kyle took a ’67 Ford Mustang body and mounted it on a Corvette drivetrain after finding a salvage title C5 Corvette for only $6,000. The Mustang body was then grafted to a custom tube frame he and his dad designed and built themselves to allow themselves to keep the original configuration of the C5 and LS1 power plant intact. For now, the bodywork remains unfinished – with mismatched panels and only a parts of the ride painted. Frankly, we wouldn’t worry about it, for it makes this rat-rod inspired halfbreed that much more intriguing on the road. [H/T: HotRod]
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