Auction Block: 1967 Ford Mustang ‘Eleanor’ From ‘Gone In 60 Seconds’

Ford’s lauded Mustang is undoubtedly iconic. From the streets of rural America all the way to Hollywood’s Silver Screen, the car has fostered a reputation as one of, if not the most popular pony cars of all time. All things considered, there are still a gifted few that stand apart as the platform’s most sought-after examples, including this 1967 “Eleanor” — one of the last surviving Fastbacks from the 2000 box office hit, Gone In 60 Seconds.

The ’67 Ford Mustang Fastback you see here was one of only 11 variants built for the film’s dramatic chase choreography, which introduces viewers to a menagerie of Los Angeles’ iconic locations. The car’s Dupont Pepper Grey exterior and a Shelby GT500s-inspired body kit built by Chip Foose provide the perfect contrast to the film’s bleak urban atmosphere, giving it a divine on-screen presence, and setting it apart from over 50 other sought-after platforms that would be depicted throughout the heist film. As the most elusive of the vehicular hit-list, Nicholas Cage’s character, Randall “Memphis” Raines, dubbed the 1967 Mustang “Eleanor” and exposed the vehicle to a number of exhilarating, high-speed sequences that would put the car’s HiPo 351 CI V8 engine, stainless side-exit exhausts, and five-speed Tremec TKO manual transmission on display. Since the film, the Mustang has undergone a fully-realized rotisserie restoration by Cinema Vehicle Services and has accrued only 90 miles on its odometer. Head over to Mecum’s website, where this rare “Eleanor” is slated for auction in January.

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