One Of Just 3 Surviving ‘Gone In 60 Seconds’ ’67 Ford Mustangs Is On Sale

If you’re anything like us, you’re a huge fan of Nicholas Cage’s Gone In 60 Seconds. In its heyday, the film set the standard for automotive heists, following fictional character Randall “Memphis” Raines as he visited some of the world’s most beautiful locales in search of his next big “hit.” However, one vehicle — a 1967 Ford Mustang known as “Eleanor” — would prove to be the thief’s most impressive acquisition.

During the film’s production process, a handful of similarly-styled Mustangs were manufactured by Cinema Vehicle Services to act as crash cars. Today, only three remain in circulation, with this unique #7 vehicle being one of the more well-kept examples. Now, this rare specimen has been listed for sale by ChromeCars, a German outfit based in historic Laasdorf. Obviously, the 1967 Mustang is impeccably-kept, boasting the same eight-cylinder Ford Racing Crate motor and four-speed manual transmission as the movie vehicle. An immaculate Pepper gray/black color scheme mimics the classic model seen within the film, providing a seamless parallel between one of the world’s most sought-after icons, the Shelby GT500, and the equally-as-affluent 1967 Mustang. Head to ChromeCars’ website for more information.

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