1966 Ford Mustang Golden Anniversary Edition

In 1966, after only a year and a half of production, Ford had already built one million Mustangs. To commemorate their achievement, they created an ultra-limited – of which only 50 were ever made – called the 1966 Ford Mustang Golden Anniversary Edition.

Loaded with a 289 cubic inch V8 motor – with an original horsepower rating of 225 – this pony car wasn’t actually mechanically different from others that rolled off the factory floor. But it does have something that makes it extremely special: an Anniversary Gold paint job (so exclusive, it didn’t even have a code) mated to a deluxe black pony interior. What makes this one even rarer is that, of the 50 made, only 5 are known still to exist – making them perhaps the rarest hard top Mustangs in existence. Now, the lucky owner of this particular vehicle, a Mr. Eric Ruimy, has created website and registry dedicated to finding more of them – that is, if they still exist.

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