1965 Ford Mustang Espionage by Ringbrothers

Typically espionage refers to secretive activities; hiding in plain sight. It’s ironic then that Ringbrothers would take a 1965 widebody Mustang Fastback, also known as “Espionage” and turn into a powerful, eye-catching vehicle that turns heads and blows-out eardrums. Making its worldwide debut at the 2015 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, the vehicle is the product of American car builders Jim and Mike Ring.

Over the years, Ringbrothers have shown to be master class acts with carbon fiber. The Espionage is no different. Featuring inconspicuous carbon fiber bodywork, the car was then painted with custom “Spy Green” Waterborne paint in order to add to its aesthetic. They also widened the vehicle’s body by two inches on each side. Under the hood, this vehicle got some special treatment. Wagner Motorsports put together a 427 cubic inch LS7 with a massive Whipple supercharger giving this beast 959 horsepower and 858 ft-lb of torque. It’s bolted up to a six-speed Tremec T56 transmission which is kept running smooth by Royal Purple manual transmission fluid. With all these modifications and more, we’d be hard pressed to find anyone who would want to take this baby for a spin.

1965 Mustang Espionage by Ringbrothers 3

1965 Mustang Espionage by Ringbrothers 4

1965 Mustang Espionage by Ringbrothers 2

1965 Mustang Espionage by Ringbrothers 5

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