1965 Ford GT Competition Prototype Roadster

In 1965, Henry Ford II aka “The Deuce” initiated a win-at-all-costs program to build a race car to swiftly slay the Ferrari at the French endurance classic. The car before your eyes is the legendary prototype built to perfect the vehicles that would lead Ford to dominate the second half of ‘60s endurance racing. Thanks to the 1965 Ford GT Competition Prototype Roadster, America stood toe-to-toe with Ferrari and came out victorious.

This vehicle was driven by legendary French racers Maurice Trintignant and Guy Ligier in the 1965  Le Mans race. It’s also the sole open-cockpit GT to compete in the French classic. This Pebble Beach award-winning gem is the product of a meticulous three-year mechanical and cosmetic restoration that was completed in 2016 and looks absolutely gorgeous today. It is one of only two surviving Ford GT Competition Prototype Roadsters and the only one to experience a Le Mans race. It set out the blueprint for Ford to crush the Ferrari giant and is considered by many to be the very first supercar.

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