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This Masterpiece ‘Low-Drag’ Jaguar E-Type Took 8 Years To Build

Jaguar’s fabled E-Type is undeniably beautiful, and since its inception in 1961, the car has stolen both the hearts, and minds, of the automotive community. The E-Type was so mesmerizing, in fact, that Enzo Ferrari dubbed it “the most beautiful car ever made,” adding to an ever-expanding list of prolific endorsements. Among the car’s numerous examples, only two would be created with a focus on aerodynamic prowess — and, as such, they would bear the mark of Jaguar’s Low-Drag manufacturing program.

Of the two unique vehicles, the 1963 model, known only as “49FXN,” was utilized by the company to create the perfect unison between form and function. On England’s M1 Motorway, the Low Drag was studied by the company’s engineers to create an optimal platform for racing on the Mulsanne Straight. The result? A sleek, intimate body that would elaborate on the car’s original subtleties. After seeing the unique E-Type, Marco Diez approached both Fast Cars Ltd. and British coachbuilder, RS Panels, with a proposition. Over eight years, the car would come to fruition, courtesy of extensive planning, mimicry in design, and painstaking replication. A lightweight alloy body, 380-horsepower inline-six engine, and side-draft Weber carburetors bring the vehicle into modernity, while bespoke interior components round out the illustrious project.