1961 Land Rover Series IIA ‘Slammed Rover’

We’ve seen some bizarre custom vehicles in our day – from tank-treaded wheelchairs, to homemade limousines, to fan-built batmobiles. And while most of them are worth a laugh and a second glance, few make us any more curious than that. The ‘Slammed Rover’ by Partridge Design, however, is another story entirely.

Originally, this vehicle was a 1961 Land Rover Series IIA – a vehicle that is widely considered one of the most classic SUVs ever made. And while it’s obvious that this is about as far from the original vehicle as you might get, the bespoke alterations are still mind-numbing. For instance, the engine was given a full service, as well as a new radiator and gear box. It also both axles rebuilt, a lowered suspension (obvious, we know), a custom side exhaust, new wheels with low-profile tires, aircraft-style bucket seats with 4-point harnesses, and a stripped down finish. We’re not sure whether it’s an eyesore or if we want to get behind the wheel of this Franken-SUV – probably both.

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