1961 Dodge D100 1/6 Scale Pickup Truck

We’ve run across some impressive scale model cars over the years, but this 1961 Dodge D100 1/6 scale pickup truck is by far the most realistic we’ve ever seen. It’s as if the builder actually zapped the truck with a shrink ray. Konstantin Bogdanov is the talented master builder behind this project and he’s been obsessed with scale models for quite some time, which isn’t hard to believe based on his jaw-dropping work.

This particular 1961 Dodge D100 1/6 scale model took a solid year of hard work to finish. Bogdanov used 3D-printed polyamide and plywood, as well as styrene and aluminum foil, to create this unique masterpiece. The Russian artist also used acrylic paint, artificial leather, and epoxy putty to give the model pickup truck an authentic look. If you’re up for the challenge, Bogdanov has posted a project diary video you can attempt to follow. If you don’t have the time for this particular incredible build, Bogdanov announced he’ll be making a 1966 Ford Bronco, which he’ll be selling in the spring.

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