Superformance Honors Carroll Shelby With A MKIII-R Cobra Continuation Car

There are plenty of replica and kit car models out there that capture the divine elegance of their mimicked platforms, but few can measure up to the most recent chassis from Superformance. To pay homage to the iconic 1960s Shelby Cobra, the brand has announced its most recent continuation vehicle — an engineless MKIII-R that captures the beauty of one of the world’s most renowned automotive platforms.

Like the iconic roadster that inspired it, this bespoke replica provides connoisseurs and enthusiasts with a modernized iteration of the 1960-era Shelby Cobra. From the vehicle’s hidden side skirts, length-running side pipes, and recognizable fenders, all the way to its trademark scooped hood and front end, the MKIII-R has something for every prospective buyer. As is the case with most of Superformance’s cars, the 510-horsepower, Roush 427-ci V8-powered model is fully customizable — which means that you’ll be able to modify almost everything, including paint, aerodynamics, and quality-of-life cockpit features. The car’s five-speed manual Tremec transmission, Bilstein shocks, French-stitched upholstery, and independent suspension are non-negotiable, however. Head to the company’s website to pick up your own rolling chassis for $79,900 and up.

Purchase: $79,900+