1960 Jeep FC 150 Concept

56 years after it first rolled off of the production line, the 1960 Jeep FC 150 has been given an update for the Easter Jeep Safari. This concept keeps the classic American vibe – retaining that rugged, and capable look – while adding modern components for a ride that feels much more young and spry than the steel body would lead you to believe.

The team that rebuilt this truck kept the original battle scarred steel body, while adding a modified 2005 Jeep Wrangler chassis. Powered by a 4.0-liter PowerTech I6 engine, this truck drives torque through its 3-speed automatic transmission to its 17 inch white steel wheels, wrapped in rugged 33-inch BF Goodrich Mud Terrain tires. They sure don’t make them like they used to.

1960 Jeep FC 150 Concept 1