1959 Aston Martin DB4

In the late 50’s the designers at Aston Martin set out to rework their grad touring model, having long been known for their beautifully exicuted luxury sports cars which made them a cultural icon of the UK. Near the end of that decade, the team at Aston Martin unvailed a completley revamped tourer, the DB4, and used this perticular example produced in 1959 as their demonstartion model around the streets of London.

Getting a complete chassis overhaul from the DB2, the DB4 was the first Aston Martin to receive a Superleggera body which was comprised of thin aluminum sheets stretched over a small gauge steel framework, making this model far lighter than its predicessor. The car featured here, chassis no. DB4/108/R, rolled of the assembly line as the third DB4 produced from the newly created Newport Pagnell production facility, and was promptly put into service as a demo unit for the London area. Famed Aston Martin curator R.S. Williams looked after the car for many years, upgrading the interior, carburators, transmission, and adding flared fenders for larger offset wheels. This DB4 is now being offered for sale by Hexagon Classics, complete with the factory build sheet and ownership records for full provenance.

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