Off-Road In Style Aboard This Restored Vintage Land Rover 4×4 Pickup

In spite of the fact that they’ve been out of production for decades at this point, it seems like we’re seeing exceptional vintage Land Rovers all over the place. Of course, while we’re plenty fond of the abundance of 90s and 110s, it’s the rarer models that catch our eye now — like this 1958 Land Rover Series II UTE that’s up for sale.

An example from the very first year of the Series II, this utility-focused pickup has had a long and interesting life — having crossed all of Australia from north to south and east to west with extensive records to confirm its travels. It has since been completely overhauled, including its 2.25L engine, and restored to exceptional working condition. It’s also gotten new brake lines, dual fuel tanks, a 20-gallon freshwater tank, and beefed-up BF Goodrich KM2 tires on genuine Wolf wheels. Perhaps the most astonishing thing about this vintage vehicle, however, is its price: a paltry $28,000 courtesy of the generous folks at Brooklyn Coachworks.

Purchase: $28,000