The First Aston Martin DB4 Coupe Ever Shown To The Public Is Up For Sale

Though Aston Martin was first established in early 1913, it wouldn’t be until the mid-1950s that the famed British marque would enter what’s widely considered to be its golden era, with the debut of both AM’s 1959 24 Hours of Le Mans-winning DBR1 racer and the DB4 production car. And while all five DBR1 examples are spoken for, another rare piece of Aston Martin’s history has just surfaced for sale: the first DB4 coupe ever shown to the public.

One of only 50 Series 1 production DB4 models ever to leave the factory, this particular specimen was the exact vehicle that was revealed to the motoring public at the 1958 Paris Motor Show, as well as the first lefthand drive specimen. Mated to a David Brown four-speed gearbox, the DB4’s engine consisted of a naturally aspirated 3.7L DOHC flat-six with two-valves per cylinder that was good for 240ft-lbs of torque and 240hp. Weighing just under 2,900lbs at the curb, the DB4’s newly-redesigned engine enabled the car to reach speeds of over 140mph — a beyond impressive feat for a 1950s production model. The 1958 Aston Martin DB4 Paris Motor Show Car is now available through RM Sotheby’s via a private sale with an asking price of $1,114,000.

Purchase: $1,114,000