1957 Toyota FJ25 Land Cruiser

Back in 1954, the same year Toyota introduced a civilian version of their military-focused, Japanese-built Willys Jeep, the brand also began manufacturing a powerful 3.9L inline six-cylinder engine to be used in firefighting vehicles. Realizing the value of the beefier powerplant, it was soon-after introduces across the SUV line. Today, an extremely-rare and sought-after 1957 FJ25, housing that very power plant, is up for sale.

At first glance, you might think this classic off-roader is a brand-spanking new replica, as it is a flawless beauty. But it’s actually just gone through a masterful restoration at the hands of Toyota specialists. That included careful treatment of the body and deep-green paint job, as well as special attention to the chrome highlights on the wheel covers and grille. The interior and accouterments (like the jerry can racked on the tailgate) have also been gone-over with a fine-toothed comb to ensure that everything is as original as possible while still looking brand new. If you’d like to get behind the wheel of this jaw-dropping beauty, you can do so for $84,500.

Purchase: $84,500