1956 Tony MV Agusta Go-Kart

Mario Kart is hands-down one of the most fun video game franchises of all time. But you know what’s more fun? Tooling around in a real-life go-kart, like this 1956 Tony MV that’s headed to the auction block.

Powered by a 150cc MV Agusta motorcycle engine, this little adrenaline machine has just 6.2 horsepower — which doesn’t seem like much until you consider that the vehicle is light enough that you could easily pick it up off the ground. This particular example has also gone through a recent and complete restoration, so it’s ready to drive off the block and straight onto the track. The sale, which is expected to hit between $9,200 to $16,000, does not include a blue shell, however — so you’ll have to pick one of those up on your own.

Purchase: $9,200+