This Cannon-Toting Military Vespa Was Airdropped To Hunt Tanks On Enemy Soil

The Vespa 150 TAP (or “Truppe Aero Paracadutate”) is objectively one of the most bonkers motorized two-wheelers ever conceived. Produced from ’56 through ’59, the “Bazooka Vespa” as it was often called, was designed to be airdropped behind enemy lines, where its 75mm M20 recoilless gun — which could penetrate armor up to 100mm thick — was used to hunt Soviet-made tanks.

Only approximately 600 specimens were built, and a great number of examples were destroyed or abandoned in combat, making this first-year model that just popped up for sale so noteworthy. Equipped with a trailer and carrying a tripod, extra ammo, and multiple jerry cans, the 150 TAP maintained the basic Vespa design, though boasted a cargo rack and reinforced steel bumpers and exhaust system. Tipping the scales at around 250lbs, the two-wheeled military vehicle could reach speeds of almost 125mph, despite its hefty cargo. This particular 1956 example has undergone an immaculate restoration, and now sports all of its original equipment and badges, including what we assume is a replica (or non-firing) M20 cannon. Priced at $47,250, this 1956 Piaggio Vespa 150 TAP Militare is currently on offer from Reggio Emilia, Italy-based dealership, Ruote da Sogno.

Purchase: $47,250