Olli Erkkila Turns Citroen’s Cult Classic 2CV Into A Menacing Mid-Century Hot Rod

Photos: Etienne Musslin

First introduced at the Paris Salon Show in 1948, Citroen’s 2CV is a cult classic car of mythical proportions, first entering production in ’48, where it would remain for over four decades until 1990. And despite tens of thousands of units being produced over the years, few if any have been given a treatment quite like this hot-rodded example from Olli Erkkila.

Olli started the ambitious project with the shell from a 1956 specimen that had been left in the woods to rot. The chassis was stretched, extending the wheelbase, and affording the 2CV a more streamlined look when paired with the chopped bodywork. The 9-horsepower air-cooled 375cc twin that originally powered this first-generation 2CV has been swapped out for a modern 2CV powertrain with a bolstered top speed that’s been repositioned (rotated) under the hood. The rest of the pieces were custom-made for the Citroen, or slowly sourced at various swap meets over the course of several years. Olli completed the build with a set of vintage spoked wheels of a 1930’s Ford and a metallic grey livery color-matched to one of the 2CV’s original color codes. Other alterations included suicide-style doors, custom windows, a spartan interior, custom exhaust, and a pull-back roof.

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