1955 Maserati 125 Tipo T2

Everybody knows that Maserati is known for their stunning, powerful performance cars, but there were also Maserati motorcycles in production once upon a time. Okay, so they aren’t exactly the same thing. Management at Fabbrica Candele Accumulatori Maserati bought Italmoto in 1953, which was a small motorcycle manufacturer in Bologna, and rebadged their motorcycles as Maseratis. However, the motorcycles definitely meet the expectations that come along with the iconic red trident they wear. They’re a rare sight nowadays, but this beautiful 1955 Maserati 125 Tipo T2 will be heading to the auction block.

The 125 Tipo T2 was the first in-house developed motorcycle by Maserati and is a much sought after bike by motorcycle collectors across the globe. This two-wheeler is powered by a DKW-derived two-stroke engine featuring a capacity of 123cc and 6.8 bhp at 5,000 rpm. It’s capable of over 60 mph and is very fuel-efficient. Back in 2012, the white and blue paint job was restored to excellent quality and presents in better-than-new condition today. You won’t find very many of these bikes left so jumping on the chance to own one is a must for any serious motorcycle collector.

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