1955 Cushman Eagle By Saint Cycle Works

Photos: Kyle Mackillop

Everyone remembers their first ride on a motorcycle, and for a large number of Baby Boomers, the bike they were riding was probably a Cushman. For those that have a tear in the corner of their eye while reminiscing about tearing through their old neighborhood streets will full on weep at the sight of this fully restored 1955 Cushman Eagle done by Saint Cycle Works.

With the work commissioned by Carson Classic Motors, a husband and wife collector duo from Livingston, Texas, Joe Casola and his team at SCW got to work on the classic Cushman by complete stripping and rebuilding the little bike from the ground up. Joe’s specialty is classic engine restoration, so the 8 hp single cylinder got its fare share of loving attention to put the sparkle back on the little flat head. Every surface then received a fresh splash of paint and the chrome trims pieces were shined to their original luster. The final touch was a glass door knob for the shifter, just like the cool guys got.

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