Lunaz Adds To Its Conversions Lineup With The World’s First Electric Bentley

Founded in 2018, Lunaz Motors is a UK-based restoration outfit specializing in the reengineering and electrification of classic British cars. It’s amongst the more noble causes in the auto industry today, for unless we find an alternative means of fueling our vintage vehicles, they’ll be little more than overpriced paperweights.

Having announced its Range Rover S1 program late last year, Lunaz is back again with another project that’s equally — if not more — exciting. This time it’ll be based on the Bentley Continental S1, S2, and S3 platforms that were produced from 1955-1965. As is the case with any Lunaz car, it’ll be rife with 21st-century technology, including retuned suspension, bigger brakes, as well as added power-steering and air-conditioning. And that’s not all — inside you’ll find an infotainment system that supports GPS navigation and even Apple CarPlay. While Lunaz has yet to release in-depth drivetrain specifications, our best guess is that it’ll be something similar to the 120kWh battery setup found on some of their Rolls-Royce restomods. Available as either a coachbuilt or factory-bodied conversion, in both coupé and Flying Spur configurations, pricing starts at £350,000 (about $490,000).

Purchase: $490,000+