1954 Corvette ZR1 By Timeless Kustoms

If you’re already familiar with the Camarillo, California-based customizers at Timeless Kustoms, then you know they make some exceptionally badass cars – typically with a lean toward muscle cars. This project, a 1954 Corvette ZR1, might seem a little out of their wheelhouse at first glance, but trust us, the gusto is there.

For starters, they’ve applied a menacing matte all-black paint job to what was originally almost certainly a candy apple red or teal, giving this old ‘Vette much more of a bite. But what the appearance doesn’t manage to convey, the monster under the hood certainly does. You see, this classic sports car is now powered by a 6.2-liter supercharged LS9 engine capable of a whopping 638 horsepower and giving it a top speed of 205 mph. That monstrous power plant matches up well with the new driving-focused pared-down interior, ensuring anyone in it that this creature is, first and foremost, a driver’s car. The only problem? It’s already spoken for.

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