This 70-Year-Old BMW Moto Is Now A Modern Restomod Masterpiece

Taking an older motorcycle and sprucing it up for modern riders is no easy task. But the older the bike, the harder the job. That’s why, when it’s pulled off magnificently, these restomod projects tend to catch our eye and stick with us. And that’s precisely what happened with Thrive Motorcycle’s restomod 1951 BMW R51/3.

Only the second motorcycle that BMW produced after the end of WWII, this early-boxer bike was gorgeous in its stock form. The problem: virtually none of the original bikes exist in working condition. Such was the case with this one found in Jakarta, Indonesia. But Thrive took the bike to task — salvaging the frame and engine and rebuilding and restomodding the rest of it from the ground-up. While ‘T-051’ boasts classic throwback looks, it’s also been fully-modernized — including slim, custom aluminum bodywork; an LED headlight and brake light; megaphone mufflers from the brand’s in-house T/H/R/V line; and a discreet Motogadget Motoscope Mini speedometer. It’s probably not a bike for purists, but those who can appreciate a modern angle on a historical icon will certainly be as pleased as we are with it.

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