This One-Of-A-Kind Post-WWII VW Beetle Could Be Yours

As you likely already know, WWII came to a close in 1945 after, on the European front, Germany (and the rest of the Axis) surrendered to the Allies, to be followed by Japan’s surrender shortly thereafter. For a time, that meant that the UK was in control of Volkswagen’s German manufacturing plant — leading to the integration of vehicle production into the reparation plans, including the marque’s fabled Beetle. Now, one of those very vehicles is up for grabs on Hemmings.

Interestingly, this particular “Typ 51″ was actually built alongside its twin to be sent to Australia for reparation consideration by the government. However, it’s not known what happened to its brother — meaning that this Beetle might just be one-of-a-kind. Done up in the original matte-black colorway, this Kublewagen-based car actually rides nearly 3” higher than other examples, has benefitted from a full restoration at the hands of a highly regarded South Australian body specialist, and boasts an engine from 1946. This remarkable, historical, and rare vehicle can be yours for $280,000.

Purchase: $280,000