Auction Block: 1944 NSU Kettenkrad

History buffs rejoice. Now’s a chance to own a legit WWII relic in the form of this Kettenkrad tracked motorcycle, used in both the Eastern Front and the North African desert. Not only was it a reliable piece of machinery at the time, but was also considered the fastest tracked vehicle of the time.

The Kettenkrad is powered by a 1478cc inline-4 water-cooled engine, the same one used in the Opel Olympia car featured throughout the German military. This made repairs an easier task since German mechanics were more familiar with this engine which helped mitigate the learning curve for inbound WWII mechanics. It boasts an output of 36 bhp, a three-speed transmission, the ability to climb inclines of 25 degrees or more and a bone-shaking top speed of 50 mph. This particular model is from 1944, the final year of production for these things, and is believed to have been used by the German Forestry Commission. It’s slated to hit the Bonhams auction block later this month where it’s expected to sell for anywhere between $73,000- 98,000. [Purchase]