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Mulliner Recreated An Iconic Bentley Lost In A WWII Bombing Raid

It goes without saying that WWII was devastating around the world. Millions of lives were lost, countless structures were demolished, and more than a few pieces of one-of-a-kind art were destroyed. One such piece of art, in fact, was Bentley’s 1939 Corniche — a high-performance version of their MkV saloon. But now, like a phoenix from the ashes, it has been lovingly and perfectly recreated.

Originally sent to France for testing, the original vehicle was in a traffic accident and had to be sent in for repairs. It just so happens that the shop it was sent to was destroyed in a bombing raid in 1939 and the vehicle was never to be seen again. Then, a few years ago, the WO Bentley Memorial Foundation and the Sir Henry Royce Memorial Foundation set about recreating this iconic and legendary car — which caught Bentley’s attention and was, thusly, brought under their own roof and put into the expert hands of the folks at Mulliner, Bentley’s in-house bespoke customizer. Using only the original technical drawings, traditional coachbuilding methods (like hand-forming body panels and steam-bending wood for the interior), and a combination of both new and original parts, this gorgeous piece of history has been rebuilt in the modern day in exceptional detail. This 1939 Bentley Corniche recreation is set to make its public debut at Salon Priv√© at Blenheim Palace in September of this year.

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