Pierce-Arrow’s 1937 Model C Travelodge Is Classic Americana

Apr 23, 2019

Category: Living

The 1900s were truly an era of adventure, especially for those who were willing to commit copious amounts of time to the great outdoors. The Pierce-Arrow Travelodge, in particular, turned out to be the perfect way for road-weary campers to “make a home” wherever they went — demonstrated perfectly by this 1937 Model C.

Boasting a rich heritage as one of the most desirable travel trailers of the Classic Era, the home on wheels was built with an extravagant amount of detail by Pierce-Arrow, giving it a renowned reputation that has yet to fall short. Though the manufacturer was best known for its contributions to the automotive world, the same attention to detail was given to the Travelodge, which sports a sheet aluminum-covered steel frame, an independent suspension system, and an actuating Bendix hydraulic brake to ensure adequate stopping power. Aside from its handsome exterior, the Model C boasts a large interior area, including a hand-pump sink, icebox, Prentiss-Wabers Auto-Cook-Kit camp stove, a full dinette, and a linoleum table that transforms into a comfortable double bed. There are many more period-correct characteristics that make this Travelodge one of the most interesting trailers to date, so head over to RM Sotheby’s website for a closer look.

Purchase: $40,000+

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