Cruise The Skies In Style With A 1937 Lockheed 12 Airliner

The majestic Lockheed 12 airliner is best known for being Ilsa Lund’s farewell ride at the end of Casablanca, as the suave Rick Blaine watches her sail away. This particular 1937 Lockheed 12A Electra Jr. Airliner is one of about 130 examples built and could be your next aviation dream machine.

After going through a comprehensive restoration, the airliner only has 167 airframe hours since completion. It’s fitted with two Pratt & Whitney R-985 Wasp Junior SB radial engines for safe travels through the skies. Taking a look at the interior, you’ll find a couch, desk, and functional washroom with a pocket door restored to its original state. The 2012 Oshkosh Grand Champion airliner comes with a spares package, including a set of propeller blades, a 1942 Clark B Heavy Tug, various tools, and large wing stands. The vintage airliner holds a total of eight people, including the two pilots up front. Unsurprisingly, this airliner has a monstrous price tag of $1,295,000.

Purchase: $1,295,000