1931 Ford Model A Sedan Hot Rod

When trying to conjure an image of the Ford Model A, a sedan produced from 1928-1932, one is liable to imagine an old jalopy, spouting smoke and backfiring as it clambers down the road. But once one such ancient model fell into the hands of a car custom shop, they flipped that expectation on its head. The customizers at Classic Car Studio have produced an uproarious recreation of the roaring twenties ride with their 1931 Ford Model A Sedan Hot Rod.

Custom-crafted for Seether bassist Dale Stewart, the Model A has been exorcised of its dreary look, stripped raw and speed-infused. Having had its roof chopped five inches and body channeled three inches, so it sits low to the asphalt, the once-bulky Model A becomes a projectile missile of a hot rod. Boasting anachronistically awesome new specs, the Hot Rod draws power from a 331 cubic-inch Chrysler Hemi, compounded by a Weiand 6-71 Supercharger and a TCI 700R4 Automatic Transmission. With Speedway Motors’ suspension, shocks and steering column, this hot rod is built to handle like a race car. Like Michael J. Fox’s face-melting guitar solo from Back To The Future, this enhanced artifact would certainly be a shock to the folks of yesteryear, but it’s the perfect level of power for the present day.

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