15 Tiny Houses To Simplify Your Life

Dec 4, 2019

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They say bigger is better. While that might be true for some aspects of life, when it comes to houses, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Tiny houses have literally taken over these past few years, and the “trend” shows no signs of slowing down. That’s not to say we don’t love ourselves some over-sized bachelor pads nestled within the hills of Hollywood, but there’s a lot to be said about tiny houses. In a world where real estate prices appreciate at a much faster rate than income earned, people are looking to take matters into their own hands. The end result is a tiny house that more times than not can be relocated to practically any location on the planet, utilizes much less resources, and really helps you simplify your life. Maybe you have dreams of building your own tiny home, or maybe you’re just admiring their awesomeness from afar. Either way, your imagination is sure to run wild while perusing our comprehensive list of the 15 coolest tiny houses on the planet – in no particular order.

Tiny New York Cabin in the Woods

1. Tiny New York Cabin in the Woods

The perfect tiny home for getting away from the stressful concrete jungle, this cabin was designed as a summer home for owner Scott Newkirk. The home was built from reclaimed wood, and measures in at 14×14 feet. The 2-level dwelling resides in Yulan, New York, and even offers up a stone constructed patio to really take in the views of the lush surrounding landscape. [Details]

Tumbleweed Tiny House- EPU Residence

2. Tumbleweed Tiny House: EPU Residence

If you’re looking for blueprints to build your own tiny home, Tumblewood Tiny House is the company for the job. They offer both ready-made and build-it-yourself homes, and the EPU Residence is one of the standout offerings from the bunch. Measuring in at 15 feet long by 8 feet wide, this little home on wheels comes equipped with everything you need from the kitchen and wet bath to the work desk and fireplace to help keep warm through the winter months. There’s even an option to add air conditioning if you so choose. [Details]

Floating Wooden Exbury Egg House

3. Floating Wooden Exbury Egg House

Designed as a collaboration project between SPUD Group, PAD Studio and Stephen Turner, the Exbury Egg shelter is a tiny home that floats on water. Crafted using boat building techniques, this thing includes a small stove for cooking, shower, and a bed to sleep in. The best part is that all the electricity you will need is generated from solar power. [Details]

Garage Converted to 250 Square Foot Tiny House

4. Garage Converted to 250 Square Foot Tiny House

Forget having to purchase materials to build your own tiny home, Michelle de la Vega thought outside the box, transforming her garage into a tiny house. The 250 square foot space includes all of the essentials, and many of the furniture pieces were created using repurposed items – like the storage lockers. When the day is over, just climb the ladder to the loft sleeping quarters for a good night’s rest. [Details]

Hand Built Tiny Tack House

5. Hand Built Tiny Tack House

Think you can’t get a house for $20,000? Think again. Couple Chris and Melissa invested just that (along with some elbow grease) to build this beautiful tiny home. The dwelling took 800 hours to build, and comes equipped with a kitchen, bathroom with shower, family room, and sleeping area spread across the 2-level living space. The 10 windows(includes skylight) make this space feel much larger than it is, and the wall-mounted iMac means you can always stay connected. [Details]

Eagle Point Tiny House

6. Eagle Point Tiny House

Built to blend with the surrounding elements, this small cabin was designed by the team at Prentiss Architects. The home is located on San Juan Island, Washington, has been equipped with a green grass roof, and offers up some of the most breathtaking views the Pacific Northwest has to offer. [Details]

Porter Cottage Tiny House

7. Porter Cottage Tiny House

Situated on a small island just off the coast of Maine, this east coast gem was built by Alex Scott Porter Design. The challenge with this home lies in the fact that the island is completely devoid of technology, which means Porter had to get creative. The off the grid home features a catchment system for water, solar panels for excess power, and a composite toilet. Talk about sustainability. [Details]

Blob VB3 Mobile Tiny House

8. Blob VB3 Mobile Tiny House

Significantly more modern than many of the other dwellings on the list, this futuristic tiny home was designed by the team at dmvA Architects. Shaped like a massive egg, the home is completely mobile, and comes equipped with plenty of shelves for storage, shower, and even a sleeping area tucked away in the built-in shelving. There is a side door, skylight, and a garage-door inspired latch that opens up on one end of the Blob. [Details]

Big Sur Tiny Timber House

9. Big Sur Tiny Hawk House

When you really want to be one with the mountains (while still having a reasonable amount of protection from the elements) this is as good as it gets. Located in the beautiful mountain city of Big Sur in northern California, this 90 square foot home is completely off the grid, and was built by architect Alex Wyndham. The home’s angled walls completely open up, allowing dwellers to fully enjoy that sweet ocean breeze. [Details]

Worlds Most Narrow House- Keret House

10. World’s Most Narrow House: Keret House

Look closely between those two large apartment buildings. That’s the Keret House. Poland’s not so secret project had been the talk of the town for years, as the Warsaw-based dwelling was set to break a new world record becoming the most narrow house in the world. The project is finally compete with a helping hand from the folks at design firm Centrala. The home is definitely tiny (measuring just 44 square feet), and is only 5 feet at its widest point – definitely not for the claustrophobic. [Details]

Nido Cabin Tiny House

11. Nido Cabin Tiny House

Located in the middle of the Finland woods, this fully functional cabin measures in at just 100 square feet of living space. The getaway was built in just 2 weeks, and even includes an outdoor deck with 2 loungers to catch some rays, and a grill to cook up some burgers while enjoying the great outdoors. The giant angled window provides plenty of sunshine to enter the dwelling during the day, and amazing stargazing opportunities during the evening. [Details]

Eco-Perch Tiny Tree House

12. Eco-Perch Tiny Tree House

While the Eco-Perch is not exactly what comes to mind when we think of the term “tree house,” it’s still stunning never the less. The tiny home was built in just 5 days by the architecture firm Blue Forest. There is plenty of room to sleep up to 4 people thanks to the bed located in the living room, and a secluded bedroom in the opposite corner of the property. The Eco-Perch design is completely flexible, meaning you can literally set this thing up anywhere, even in a tree. [Details]

APH80 Portable Tiny House

13. APH80 Portable Tiny House

Designed by the folks at Abaton, APH80 includes one bedroom, living room, bathroom, and a small kitchen sprawling over the 300 square feet of living space. There is a small window in the bedroom, but it’s the floor to ceiling sliding window doors that provide the natural light, along with a great breeze depending on where you are situated. When you want to move this tiny abode, simply hook up to a truck, and hit the road. [Details]

Tiny Sled Beach House 1

14. Tiny Sled Beach Hut

This beach hut is located in Whangapoua. The hut was designed by the team at Crosson Clarke Carnachan, and thanks to its innovative build, it can literally be moved when erosion occurs. The hut is built upon 2 thick wooden slabs that allow the tiny home to be moved around much like a sled. The two-story dwelling features 2 bedrooms, a rooftop deck, and massive floor to ceiling glass doors that open up completely to the outside elements. When the weather gets a bit rough, or you have to move the home, you can batten down the hatchets to keep yourself safe. [Details]

Nomad Micro Home

15. Nomad Micro Home

One of our personal favorites on the list, this is the for the person out there that just ones to buy a tiny house, and have it shipped to wherever your heart desires. For about $30,000, you can order one of these 100 square feet homes, and have it shipped to you, anywhere in the world. The home has everythig you need to live, and comes with solar panels, along with a rain collection system to ensure you can live off the grid. [Details]

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