121C Aileron Carbon Fiber Longboard

The skateboard company 121c Purecarbon was started by Ryan Olliges while he was still in engineering school at USC. Ryan noticed that in the process of building rockets, a lot of scrap carbon fiber was going to waste. After some tinkering around, he found a way to up-cycle the aerospace quality material by turning them into longboard decks.

Not only did Ryan find that he could make good use of spare material, but the high-tech carbon fiber made his skateboard much more durable and lightweight than any other on the market. Made with more than twenty layers of the composite material, these boards are literally bullet-proof so they’re likely going to stand up to the daily wear and tear of being ridden around. Another plus that comes with carbon-fiber is that it won’t swell and crack when they get wet – so you don’t have to run for cover when it starts raining or pick up your board and start walking. Built completely with parts designed and manufactured in the U.S, the Aileron board sells for $400. [Purchase]

121c Purecarbon Aileron Longboard 2

121c Purecarbon Aileron Longboard 3

Purecarbon Aileron Longboard 1