$1,200 Transforming A-Frame Cabin

Jun 2, 2015

Category: Living

Even the most commitment-loving dude still needs an occasional respite from his honey or minions. How about a unique A-frame cabin in the backyard?

Designed by Derek “Deek” Diedricksen, of Relax Shacks, this mini-house is estimated to need only about $1,200 worth of materials to create. The plans, just 11 pages worth, cost $29.95 to download. You get about 80 square feet of floor space, or 110 with the option of propping open the combo roof-porch (and dropping the mosquito netting). There’s room for two beds, plenty of shelf space, some built-in drawers, a sink, a skylight, and room for a mini-fridge. The walls-roof are made of Tuftex, a translucent polycarbonate material that’s lightweight and lets in just the right amount of light. Amazingly there’s even a loft that can sleep one.

1200 Transforming A-Frame Cabin 1

1200 Transforming A-Frame Cabin 2

1200 Transforming A-Frame Cabin 3

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