12 Must Have Pool Tables for the Man Cave

Dec 4, 2019

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It’s a well known fact. A man cave is not a man cave without a pool table. Sure you and your boys can still hang out and watch the fights, but a pool table is the solidifying piece to any bachelor pad. Invented all the way back in the 15th century (surging in popularity in the past century thanks to the release of Robert Rossen’s 1961 classic ‘The Hustler’), the history of billiards runs deep. While pool halls aren’t associated with the rag-tag environments of the 1920s (where men went to smoke, fight, bet and play), the table itself is still an essential component to the man cave.

Now we understand that pool tables are expensive, but the joy it will bring you far outweighs the initial investment. We also understand that many guys out there lack the space necessary to house such awesomeness, and unfortunately, we can’t help you with that. What we can help you with it is sifting through all of the noise to find the absolute coolest pool tables around. From ’65 Mustangs to sleek glass top tables for the modern dwelling, our list of the 12 must have pool tables on the man cave has something for every billiards enthusiast.

G-1 Pool Table

1. G-1 Pool Table

Skip the slate tabletop, and opt for this ultra sleek glass one instead. This pool table sports a futuristic design that includes a Vitrik surface to replicate the feel of that classic green felt paired with a toughened glass bed that was built to last. This modern table also features BCA-specification pockets. Our favorite part is the fully exposed ball return system that lets you savor each shot you sink. [Purchase]

James De Wulf Pool Table

2. James De Wulf Pool Table

If you thought glass was cool, wait until you see this concrete pool table. James De Wulf popped onto our radar a few years back with his concrete constructed ping pong table, and now the designer is back, ready for a game of 9-ball. Everything is built to regulation specifications, and measures in at 101” x 57” x 32”. There’s even an outdoor version that comes outfitted with rubber pockets, outdoor felt, and four graphite cues. It’ll cost you extra though. [Purchase]

Fusion Pool Tables

3. Fusion Pool Tables

When you live in small space, you have to improvise. While you couldn’t fit a dining table and a pool table in your 1-bedroom apartment, you could fit a dining room fusion pool table. It serves as the perfect eating spot during dinner, but remove the top, and you’ve got yourself a late night billiards session. [Purchase]

Waterproof Pool Table

4. Waterproof Pool Table

For the billiards player who has everything, this is the pool table for you. More than just weather proof, this beast can be thrown right into the pool for an entirely new experience. Getting that monstrous table out of the swimming pool? Now that’s gonna be difficult. [Purchase]

1965 Shelby Mustang GT350 Pool Table

5. 1965 Shelby Mustang GT350 Pool Table

It’s worth noting that there was already a standard ’65 Mustang pool table on the market, but we’d opt for the Shelby version any day of the week. The designer teamed up with the Carroll Shelby Foundation to make this table a reality, and each mold was taken right from an actual 1965 GT350. To add to the awesomeness, each table comes complete with alloy rims, rubber tires, working lights, and of course that beloved Wimbledon White paint job finished off with the Guardsman Blue racing stripes. Each table also measures in at regulation size. This is our pick for the best garage pool table. [Purchase]

Banana Pool Table

6. Banana Pool Table

It might be funky, but some homes call for a bit of funky. This pool table was designed by Cleon Daniel, and as you can see, is shaped like a giant banana. The bottom portion is made from wood, and the top is finished off in a vibrant yellow felt. Obviously this pool table is not regulation, and only comes with 4 holes. [Purchase]

Obscura CueLight Interactive Pool Table

7. Obscura CueLight Interactive Pool Table

For the tech loving billiards player, this pool table comes packed with a whole lot of fancy gadgetry. The table utilizes a set of projectors and sensors to light the playing surface with dynamic imagery (the images will actually react to the game, following the balls as they are hit). Of course the ultimate bachelor pad pool table doesn’t come cheap. This bad boy will set you back $80,000 for the system alone, and the photo you see above shows the system on a $125,000 pool table. That’s right – a $205,000 setup. [Purchase]

Predator Pool Table

8. Predator Pool Table

Billiards can be a game of intimidation, and when you’re really looking to strike some fear into the eyes of your opponent, this is the pool table you need in your home. The 8-foot table is sporting a menacing design that has been built from aluminum and maple veneer, all held together with stainless steel cable sets. The black speed felt surface, integrated ball return, and polish glass rails are the ultimate finishing touches. [Purchase]

Brunswick Gold Crown V Pool Table

9. Brunswick Gold Crown V Pool Table

Maybe you’re not looking for all the bells and whistles. Maybe, you’re just looking for one of the best pool tables on the market? We hear you, and that’s where Brunswick comes into play. These guys have been making the best professional pool tables for over 50 years. The hardwood constructed table has been outfitted with longer rails, tighter pockets, a premium slate top, and your choice of felt. You can even spend an extra $300+ to scoop up the table tennis conversation top. [Purchase]

Bellagio Contemporary Teak Wood Pool Table

10. Bellagio Contemporary Teak Wood Pool Table

It doesn’t get more streamlined than this beauty. This subtle table will complement any modern space, and comes in your choice of 7-foot, 8-foot or 9-foot models. It features a 1-inch thick diamond honed slate for super smooth play, maple wood frame construction, leather drop pockets, mother of pearl diamond sites, and like many of the other tables on the list, the option to customize your felt. [Purchase]

Outdoor Illuminated Pool Table

11. Outdoor Illuminated Pool Table

If you’re planning on doing an outdoor pool table on the patio, there is no better option than this beauty. Not only is it completely water and weather proof, but it’s also the world’s only lit pool table surface – meaning you don’t have to stop playing when the sun goes down. The table weighs 315 pounds, comes with a blue playing surface, and your choice of grey or sandstone rails. [Purchase]

BlackLight Billiards Table Toulets

12. BlackLight Billiards Table

The team at Toulet’s have been making pool tables since the mid 1800s, so it’s safe to assume they know a thing or two or about building these things. After 6 months of designing, the 5-man team completed the project, and this thing doesn’t disappoint. The table is finished off in your choice of a lacquered or matte finish, 27 different felt color options, poker and dining table top options, Swarovski crystal inlays and a one-piece ground slate that’s guaranteed for life. The modern BlackLight table has also been infused with a bit of new age technology courtesy of a LED lighting system, and built-in MP3 connection. [Purchase]

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