100 Thieves’ Modern LA Compound Is The Largest Esports Facility In The US

The gaming industry has been making great strides in recent years; most notably, through widespread adoration, exposure, and glorification as a full-fledged medium for the next generation of sports. While farfetched for some, mainstream culture has been inundated with news of players, personalities, and companies stepping forward to usher in the new age of digital athleticism — and now, 100 Thieves is bridging the gap between esports and pop culture.

In just two short years, the lifestyle organization — co-owned by hip-hop artist Drake, Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, business executive Scooter Braun, and Call of Duty extraordinaire, Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag — has become one of the leading influencers in the world of esports and video game culture. To mark the company’s expansion, a 15,000 square-foot headquarters in Los Angeles’ Culver City has been erected, making it one of, if not the largest, esports facilities in the United States. Inside, athletes will be introduced to four unique training areas, as well as proprietary streaming rooms and production wings. For the company’s business-oriented endeavors, a number of well-outfitted offices and fashion design studios make their debut. The 100 Thieves Cash App Compound is open for all to see, with the company’s first in-house apparel/gaming collection scheduled to emerge in February.

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