You Can Buy An EV Redux Of James Bond’s Moke From ‘Live And Let Die’

Ever since the release of Dr. No in 1963, exotic and/or noteworthy cars have been staples in the James Bond film franchise, representing an ingredient just as important to the movies as Q’s gadgets, dramatic shootouts, witty one-liners, and scantily-clad supermodels. Of the many Bond movie cars, one model that doesn’t tend to get much attention is the Mini Moke, despite appearing in You Only Live Twice, Live and Let Die, The Spy Who Loved Me, and Moonraker.

In a bid to honor the Moke’s many cameos throughout the years, the manufacturer has opted to release a limited edition version of the Moke paying tribute to the specimen seen in Live and Let Die. Driven by Bond in the 1973 flick on the fictitious island of San Monique—which was filmed on the northern coast of Jamaica and is where this limited edition variant’s name comes from—the small utility car wears an all-white paint scheme with a blue and white striped Bimini top and a blacked-out interior—a la the Moke seen in the film. This modernized classic also gets a woodgrain shift knob and steering wheel, a special tire cover featuring unique “San Monique” artwork, a Bluetooth radio, and a backup camera, all as standard. Available now in limited numbers, the 007 San Monique Edition Moke is priced at $26,975.

Purchase: $26,975