Best Rye Whiskey

The 10 Best Rye Whiskeys To Drink

Take one look at the modern landscape of spirits in America and the rest of the world, and there’s no getting around the fact that rye whiskey is making a swift comeback. While most of us are well-acquainted with corn-based … Continue reading


Skypak Airplane Trolley Wine Whiskey Bars 1

Skypak Airplane Trolley Wine & Whiskey Bars

We imagine that once the kinks get worked out on this whole utopia thing, among the perks we’ll see will be commercial flights offering nothing but complementary top-shelf wine and liquor. Until that day comes, we’ll settle for Skypak’s La … Continue reading


Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire

Jack Daniel’s is sick and tired of standing by idly while Fireball “whisky” asserts its dominance on the bar scene. Fireball has quickly become the go-to shot choice for twenty somethings everywhere, andJack Daniel’s Tennesse Fire looks to change all … Continue reading


Best Whiskey Drinks

Essential Cocktail Recipes: 30 Best Whiskey Drinks

For the most part, we prefer to drink our whiskey neat. Whether it be our favorite single malt Scotch, or a good ‘ole American Kentucky bourbon. Pour a finger’s width or two of pretty much anything good, and we’re happy … Continue reading


JB Tattooed Edition Whisky 1

J&B Tattooed Edition Whisky

Your drink just got inked. J&B is dropping a truly unique, and truly limited edition whisky: the J&B Tattooed Edition. Do you frame this or drink it neat? Tough call. Paris tattoo artist Sébastien Mathieu of Le Sphinx did all … Continue reading


Black Label Whiskey Beef Jerky

Black Label Whiskey Beef Jerky

New Year’s Eve might not sound like a prime time for beef jerky, but it can be if the meat is Black Label Whiskey Jerky from the folks at Get Some Jerky. Made with premium whiskey that’s said to ”capture the sweet, oaky … Continue reading


Stag Horn Whiskey Flight 1

Stag Horn Whiskey Flight

Looking to put a little Ron Burgundy in your burgundy sipping? This is it. OK, so technically it’s called the Stag Horn Whiskey Flight, but we’re guessing you can glass up just about any liquor and have it taste 77.3% more manly … Continue reading


Blade Runner Whiskey Glass 1

Blade Runner Whiskey Glass

Released in 1982, Blade Runner is a sci-fi classic. That said, Ridley Scott got a few things wrong with his vision for Los Angeles, 2019. Quite frankly, the lack of flying cars and sexy robots in today’s society is enough to drive one … Continue reading


Grado Headphones Handmade From Whiskey Barrels 1

Grado Headphones Handmade From Whiskey Barrels

What’s so unique about these headphones is not just that they’re made from actual whiskey barrels, which is pretty amazing on its own, but the story behind them is also pretty fascinating. Actor Elijah Wood (yes, Frodo) is apparently quite the audiophile, and he and … Continue reading


Ron Burgundys Great Odins Raven Blended Scotch Whisky

Ron Burgundy’s ‘Great Odin’s Raven’ Blended Scotch Whisky

It’s hard to recall the last time a comedy film had as much pre-promotion as Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues has had. From the Dodge commercials to the on-set appearances with local newscasters, Will Ferrell has been everywhere ahead of the movie’s Dec. 18 release … Continue reading