Star Wars Meets World War II 1

Star Wars Meets World War II

Mashups aren’t only for music. You’ve got food mashups like lobster mac & cheese, and now, as you can see in these awesome prints from Thirteenth Floor, art can provide a perfect canvas for mixing two completely different tastes together. … Continue reading


Stormtrooper BMW M6 by Vilner 1

Stormtrooper BMW M6 by Vilner

Stormtroopers: Sure, they may be nothing more than stylishly costumed grunts for Darth Vader with the aim of Hellen Keller, but who’s to say these icons from the Star Wars universe don’t deserve their own BMW? Bulgarian tuning house Vilner … Continue reading


Star Wars House in Korea 1

Star Wars House in Korea

While there is no specific reference to anything from the universe that George Lucas created, the ‘Star Wars‘ house was inspired by the greatest movie franchise of all time. Designed by the team at Moon Hoon, this science-fiction inspired dwelling … Continue reading


Star Wars x LEGO Ultimate Collectors Series- Boba Fetts Slave I Kit 0

Star Wars x LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Series: Boba Fett’s Slave I Kit

The news is pretty good these days for fans of Boba Fett. While one would expect not to see him in Episode VII (since he was sent flying into the big sandy Sarlacc’s mouth in Episode VI), it’s previously been … Continue reading


R2-D2 Virtual Keyboard 1

R2-D2 Virtual Keyboard

So you simply commented on a Facebook post, and now some internet tough guy is picking a fight with you. Sometimes it takes a little courage to fight back, just as it took courage for Luke Skywalker to fly to … Continue reading


Life-Size LEGO Star Wars Toys Invasion Series 0

Life-Size LEGO Star Wars ‘Toys Invasion’ Series

Photographer (and obvious Star Wars fan) Benoit Lapray teamed up with his buddy (and fellow artist) Matthieu Latry to create this Life-Size LEGO Star Wars “Toys Invasion” series. What started out as nothing more than personal project ended up capturing … Continue reading


Star Wars Home Theater 1

Star Wars Home Theater

There are home theaters, and then there is the home theater to rule the galaxy. This Star Wars-themed home theater is downright mind blowing, and yes it’s really in someone’s house. Of course when you’re going to deck your theater … Continue reading


Star Wars Episode VII Posters 0

Star Wars Episode VII Fan Posters: War Aftermath

If you’re anything like us, which you probably are, you can’t wait for next year’s release of the highly anticipated ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ film. And these fan posters are certainly helping to build that excitement. Created by DeviantArt artist … Continue reading


Han Solo Blaster Made From LEGOs

Han Solo Blaster Made From LEGOs

We’re not sure if J.J. Abrams has picked out all of his props yet for Star Wars: Episode VII, but we’re putting our two cents in for Harrison Ford to use this LEGO DL-44 blaster in the new movie. It’s … Continue reading


Life-Sized Hot Wheels Darth Vader Car 0

Life-Sized Hot Wheels Darth Vader Car

No this isn’t the new Batmobile. What you are laying your eyes upon is a vehicle designed specifically for Darth Vader by the fine folks at Hot Wheels. While the Sith Lord certainly didn’t have a need for a car … Continue reading