Helio Portable Pressure Shower

Helio Portable Pressure Shower by NEMO

Often times people are reluctant to a camping trip for the simple fact that they can’t shower. Sure there are other portable showers on the market, but we have to come across one that has impressed us quite like the … Continue reading


Upside Down Outdoor Shower by Viteo (4)

Upside Down Outdoor Shower by Viteo

Dragging yourself through the house after a dip in the pool, or a trip to the beach can be a bit of hassle. Or maybe you just like showering outdoors? Either way the Upside Down Outdoor Shower offers the perfect … Continue reading


Suspended Squid Shower Caddy

Suspended Squid Shower Caddy

Most of us face the problem of not having enough space throughout our household, bathroom included. Well the innovative Shower Squid is an adventurous way to maximize your small space in the bath tub or shower. Equipped with eight grippy … Continue reading