Adidas Ultra BOOST Running Shoe 1

Adidas Ultra BOOST Running Shoe

Adidas has really been stepping up their game as of late, and now they look to change the game with what they’re calling the best running shoe ever made. Say hello to the Adidas Ultra BOOST performance shoe. This lightweight … Continue reading


Nike Air Hurarache Run ID 1

Nike Air Hurarache Run ID

When a shoe becomes immensely popular like the Nike Air Hurarache has become over the years, it’s only a matter of time before fans are able to build their own custom version through the brand’s NIKEiD program. Starting today, sneaker … Continue reading


Nike Flyknit Racer Spring 2015 1

Nike Flyknit Racer Spring 2015

Sure it’s raining and cold out right now, but just think, it only a few short months Spring will once again be upon us. The Swoosh has us more than ready as they unveiled a few new colorways of the … Continue reading


Enko Running Shoes 1

Enko Running Shoes

For decades we’ve been hearing about supposed “breakthroughs” in athletic shoe technology. More often than not though, it’s just Madison Avenue hype. But when a running shoe looks as shockingly bizarre as Enko does, we pause a bit before writing … Continue reading


Johnnie Walker x Oliver Sweeney Brogue 0

Johnnie Walker x Oliver Sweeney Brogue

Walking softly and carrying a big stick has long been the mantra of many a tough guy, but what about walking stylishly and carrying a small bottle? That sounds much less cumbersome and frankly, much more party-ready. If you like … Continue reading


Nike SB Free 1

Nike SB Free

We can’t say that we didn’t see this coming. In fact we’d be downright lying if we said we didn’t. What we are wondering though, is why did it take the Swoosh so long to create the Nike SB Free? … Continue reading


The Powerlace- Self-Lacing Sneakers

The Powerlace: Self-Lacing Sneakers

We’re not quite sure why Velcro sneakers became the sole property of toddlers, but here it is 2014 and we’re still being forced to tie our damn shoes. Canadian footwear designer Frederick Labbe shares our frustration and has done something … Continue reading


Adidas Pure Boost Camo 1

Adidas Pure Boost Camo

Looking like an Adidas version of the Nike Roshe, the Pure Boost has gone on to have some nice success in the short time it’s been available on the sneaker scene. The footwear giant plans on keeping the trend moving … Continue reading


Fred Matt Overshoes 1

Fred&Matt Overshoes

The harsh weather conditions can wreak havoc on your dress shoes, and not every occasion calls for a pair of winter boots. For those times you’re looking to protect your favorites shoes from Mother Nature’s wrath, the Fred&Matt Overshoes could … Continue reading


Crep Protect Water-Repellent Shoe Spray

Crep Protect Liquid-Repellent Shoe Spray

Dress to impress is the name of the game, and keeping your sneakers fresh is part of that process. Crep Protect is here to handle that difficult task. After Never Wet gained a ton of traction in here in the … Continue reading