Pixar Infused Superheroes and Villains (6)

Pixar Infused Comic Book Superheroes and Villains

This isn’t just your standard superhero art we have here. Artist Phil Postma has decided to infuse some of our favorite comic book characters with Pixar animation style creating a very interesting set of both heroes and villains. The collection … Continue reading


NASAs Buzz Lightyear Inspired Z-1 Spacesuit (3)

NASA’s Buzz Lightyear Inspired Z-1 Spacesuit

It looks like there are absolutely no boundaries to Disney’s massive reach. NASA has just unveiled their brand new prototype suits, and these things bear a striking resemblance to Toy Story character Buzz Lightyear. While we’re not quite sure that … Continue reading


Disney Pixar Minimalist Posters (4)

Disney Pixar Minimalist Posters

This isn’t the first time we’ve featured a set of Pixar Minimal Posters, but it certainly doesn’t make the collection any less impressive. Since its inception Pixar has done a lot for the animated film industry, and as many of … Continue reading