BuzzFeed Los Angeles Office By JIDK 1

BuzzFeed Los Angeles Office By JIDK

One doesn’t just “come up” with amazing articles and memes about what it’s like to grow up in the 90s, which Lord of the Rings character you are, or the “22 Signs You Love Scandal.” One must first get waist-deep … Continue reading


Tetra Shed Modular Office Pod 1

Tetra Shed Modular Office Pod

As if working from home wasn’t awesome enough, the London-based design studio at Innovation Imperative have introduced their long awaited, highly anticipated Tetra Shed. Spanning just 86 square feet, this timber constructed office pod is completely portable, and lets users … Continue reading


Lifta Minimalist Desk Organizer 1

Lifta Minimalist Desk Organizer

We don’t know about you, but here’s what’s on our desk right now: a 24” monitor, keyboard, mouse, red plastic cup half-full of seltzer, two-week-old Greek peach yogurt lid, the empty Blu-ray case to Rise of the Planet of the … Continue reading


Stand Desk 1

Stand Desk

Look, we already know that sitting for 8+ hours a day is taking a toll on our health. The problem is that there are very few solutions out there, and the standing desks that are available cost an arm and … Continue reading


SlatePro Personal TechDesk 1

SlatePro Personal TechDesk

The Slate Mobile Airdesk was one of our favorite solutions for people who work from home, and now the same design team is back with a new device – the SlatePro. As Airdesk was to “couch workers,” SlatePro is to … Continue reading


DeskPal 0

DeskPal Workspace Organizer

Clutter is such a productivity killer. For years on our desk we used to keep a pin cushion, stress ball, Furby, jar of olives, autographed picture of Carlos Beltran, and – for some weird reason – a test tube of … Continue reading


The Superdesk in New York City 1

The Superdesk in New York City

When the folks at Barbarian Group commissioned Clive Wilkinson Architecture to design their New York City office space, we can’t imagine they expected to receive a 175-person desk “Superdesk.” The aptly titled Superdesk is nothing short of amazing. City dwellers … Continue reading


Selgas Cano Architecture Officie in the Woods of Madrid 1

Selgas Cano Architecture Office in the Woods of Madrid

Whether your view at the office is of another cubicle, a wall, or even a panoramic look at your city, there’s no way you’ll ever see a snake slithering by at eye-level. But that’s exactly what the workers at this … Continue reading


PodPad Wall-Mounted Workstation 0

PodPad Wall-Mounted Workstation

Working from home is great, but when you live in an apartment in the city, it can be a bit difficult to find some dedicated space for a home office. Inspired by the design of the old-school Murphy Bed, the … Continue reading


Nike CEO Mark Parkers Office Tour 1

Nike CEO Mark Parker’s Office Tour

Since 2006, Mark Parker has helmed the Swoosh, becoming the third ever CEO to run the behemoth footwear label. Of course running a creative company like Nike, one would expect an equally creative office space, and Parker certainly delivers. In … Continue reading