Sky Garage Penthouse in New York City 0

Sky Garage Penthouse in New York City

Craigslist is typically where we start when it comes to finding a new apartment, but for those of you with a larger budget (we’re talking hedge fund manager type budget), your search ends here. Say hello to your new $20 … Continue reading


Clocktower Penthouse Apartment in Brooklyn New York 1

Clock Tower Penthouse Apartment in Brooklyn, New York

New York has no shortage of stunning penthouses, and it seems that we uncover a new one on a daily basis. Today brings us something extremely unique in the Brooklyn-based Clocktower Penthouse Apartment. Located in the trendy DUMBO neighborhood of … Continue reading


Boob Bounce House in New York

Boob Bounce House in New York

Yes you read that correctly. This is a bounce house comprised of nothing but massive boobs, and yes it’s just as awesome as you’d imagine. Designed as collaboration project between sensory artists Bompas & Parr alongside Professor Vanessa Toulmin from … Continue reading


Aviators Villa in New York 1

Aviator’s Villa in New York

Even though we cover some of the most beautiful dwellings on Earth, it’s not too often that we encounter homes that really break the mold of traditional design. The Aviator’s Villa is just that – an outside of the box … Continue reading


LEGO Apartment in New York City 1

LEGO Apartment in New York City

Sure LEGOs have always been popular, but it seems over the past few years, the popularity of the toy bricks has skyrocketed to unforeseen heights. The bricks know no boundaries, and this New York City apartment proves it. Wanting to … Continue reading


Brooklyn Loft With Built-in Cabin and Treehouse 1

Brooklyn Loft With Built-In Cabin and Treehouse

Ever imagine what these kind of digs these creative architects are residing in? Thankfully architect Terri Chiao has decided to her open up the doors to her home for all us to enjoy, and this space is creative to say … Continue reading


Tiny New York Cabin in the Woods 1

Tiny New York Cabin in the Woods

Sometimes you just want to get away from all of the hustle and bustle. Escape the concrete jungle, disconnect from all gadgetry, and enjoy a nice stay in the middle of the wilderness. That was Scott Newkirk’s exact thought process … Continue reading


1990s Cartoon Characters Attend New York Fashion Week 1

1990s Cartoon Characters Attend New York Fashion Week

To celebrate New York Fashion Week, the folks at Swagger New York have tapped the talents of our favorite cartoon characters from the 90s for an awesome illustrated fashion series. With some help from Italy based designer Michele Moricci, SNY … Continue reading


Contemporary Sams Creek Residence in New York (13)

Contemporary Sam’s Creek Residence in New York

The design team at Bates Masi Architects were commissioned by a client that runs a successful public relations agency to design this stunning home back in 2011. The contemporary residence is nestled along the sprawling green flats of Bridgehampton, New … Continue reading


DMC DeLorean New York City Taxi Cab (4)

DMC DeLorean New York City Taxi Cab

Thanks to its iconic role in the Back to the Future film trilogy, the DMC DeLorean has become much more than just an automobile, it has become a symbol of pop culture over the past few decades. Here we see … Continue reading