CURVED labs Concept Tribute To Apples First Macintosh 1

CURVED/labs Concept Tribute To Apple’s First Macintosh

Like a pair of 80s-era legwarmers on Kate Upton, sometimes a melding of the old and new can be beautiful. German technology site CURVED/labs proves that once again with this touchscreen concept iMac, newly designed for the 30th anniversary of … Continue reading


Atama Sesame 2 Wireless Proximity Mac Lock 1

Atama Sesame 2 for Mac

Today’s generation is pretty much married to their computers, and that means there’s plenty of information we’d like to keep safe from prying eyes. While entering your password may only take a few seconds, we love the convenience factor of … Continue reading


Duet Display 1

Duet Display

Two screens are pretty much always better than one. (That is, unless they’re both being used to watch The View.) So if you’re on-board the Apple train, the idea of using both your iPad and Mac at once probably sounds … Continue reading


Twelve South BookArc Stand for Mac Pro 1

Twelve South BookArc Stand for Mac Pro

The aesthetic appeal of Apple’s Mac Pro is unique to say the least. And we believe a machine this unique deserves a stand worthy of its beauty. Who better to do that than the team at Twelve South? Released just … Continue reading


Mac Pro Case by WaterField Designs

Mac Pro Go Case

Whether you’re a video editor, traveling gamer, or somewhere between, you know that keeping your Mac Pro in tip top condition during transport is of the utmost importance. Waterfield’s Mac Pro Go Case is the perfect way to protect your … Continue reading


Jimi iMac USB Extension for iMac 1

Jimi iMac USB Extension

Anyone that owns an iMac knows just how frustrating it can be attempting to plug a device into the rear USB ports, blindly scratching up your beautiful computer. Damage your iMac no more with the ingenious Jimi. The design team … Continue reading


Kanex Multi-Sync Keyboard 1

Kanex Multi-Sync Keyboard for Apple Devices

The Kanex Multi-Sync Keyboard is the latest and greatest in the world of Apple accessories. Bringing on a whole new meaning to the term multi-tasking, this keyboard lets you type on 3 different devices at any given moment, just by … Continue reading


Leap Motion Touch Free Controller

Leap Motion Touch-Free Controller

Shaking the tech scene the same way touch screen technology did all those years ago, Leap Motion technology promises a more “magical experience” for users when their touch free navigation controller hits shelves later this summer. Touchscreen devices are great … Continue reading


Original Macintosh Computer LEGO Replica by Chris McVeigh

Original Macintosh Computer LEGO Replica by Chris McVeigh

For those of you that either weren’t around, or don’t remember what the original Macintosh computer looked like, before they were cool enough to go by Macs, artist Chris McVeigh is here to remind us with his LEGO replica model. … Continue reading