Japan's Bosozoku Subculture Captured On 4K GoPros

Japan’s Bosozoku Subculture Captured On 4K GoPros

“Japan is car crazy,” says one of the subjects featured in this mini-documentary on Bōsōzoku, the somewhat infamous Japanese subculture associated with motorcycle clubs and gangs. Not familiar with it? Here’s your chance to dive in. Shot entirely on GoPros … Continue reading


Game Of Thrones As Feudal Japan Art 01

Game Of Thrones As Feudal Japan Art By Sei-G

Game of Thrones hangs its crown on its enthralling settings almost as much as its compelling characters; but what if the locations were changed? Artist Sei-G thinks the series could be equally entrancing if it were set somewhere else, and his set … Continue reading


Japanese Star Fighter 00

Japanese Star Fighter: Video Game Space Bus

From the school bus to the No. 12 morning commuter, bus rides have almost always universally sucked. By this point in our jaded lives, we pretty much all assume that any 2-hour bus trip will register on the Pain-O-Meter somewhere between a … Continue reading


Alice in Wonderland Restaurant in Tokyo Japan 1

Alice in Wonderland Restaurant in Tokyo, Japan

Like something right out of Tim Burton’s movie, this whimsical Alice in Wonderland restaurant was designed by the team at the Japan based creative studio Fantastic Design Works. Opened by the folks at Diamond Dining, this is actually the fourth … Continue reading


Modern Speedshop Type One Garage in Japan Tokyo (1)

Modern Speedshop Type One Garage in Japan, Tokyo

In Tokyo, Japan modern design elements reign supreme, and the latest garage redesign done by the team at Torafu Architects proves just that. The design team performed a complete renovation of an auto repair shop belonging to Speedshop Type One, … Continue reading


3D Figure Printing Photo Booth in Japan (5)

3D Figure Printing Photo Booth in Japan

After seeing just how quickly the Formlabs Desktop 3D Printer hit its funding goal on Kickstarter, it’s quite obvious that consumers have a real interest in 3D printing, and the technology continues to move forward at an alarming rate. Featured … Continue reading


Modern Pit Residence in Japan (6)

Modern Masterpiece: Pit Residence in Japan

Created by UID Architects, this contemporary masterpiece is located in Tamano, Okayama, Japan and aptly titled “Pit House.” This custom Japanese home may seem completely circular from the inside, but on the exterior this residence looks to be a standard … Continue reading


Map Of Japan Built From 1 8 Million LEGO Building Blocks (6)

Map Of Japan Built From 1.8 Million LEGO Building Blocks

Building pretty much anything with massive amounts of LEGO building blocks will generally be worthy of media headlines, especially when you have used a staggering 1.8 million LEGO building blocks to recreate an entire country. That’s exactly what we have … Continue reading


Contemporary House in Kitasando in Japan (12)

Contemporary House in Kitasando with Built in Skate Bowl

If you’re looking for ideas to spruce up your bachelor pad, look no further. Japanese based firm Level Architects has got a project that is all kinds of masculine– black leather sofa included. Located in Shibuya, Tokyo, the home has … Continue reading